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Legeakademiet is a web shop where we focus on educational toys – giving the best learning experience for children while playing.

All prices on are shown in Danish kroner incl. VAT.

When you order from a country outside Denmark
If you live outside Denmark, and wish to make a purchase, that is of course possible and we will be very happy to assist you with that.
If the packaged is shipped outside EU – we will take out the VAT amount before we invoice and fulfill the payment from the credit card. However, once you make the order on the web shop, the total amount will be included VAT – but we handle the order separately in our system after we receive it and take away the VAT amount.

You are responsible for any VAT in the county that the package is shipped to, and must paid any VAT demanded directly to that country.

Delivery to another country
We will ship your package very fast – generally within 2-5 days when shipped to international addresses.
If any item which you have selected is not in stock, we will contact you immediately and let you know when we will be able to ship. We cannot send back orders internationally. Back orders are only send if you wish to do so and you accept paying for additional shipping cost.

Usually we ship our international packages with DHL or UPS.

Delivery to an address in Denmark
Many of our customers living outside Denmark need to send a present to a special someone in Denmark. We can of course take care of that too.

In that case, just fill out the delivery address (leveringsadresse) with the address in Denmark. For packages delivered in Denmark, VAT will not be deducted. Also our shipping rules for Denmark apply which is DKK 49 or 39 for delivery – and free shipping when order is DKK 700 or more.

Shipping cost for international shipments
The cost of shipping depends on the country where the package is going to and the size of package. As a standard amount, we charge DKK 180 for international shipping; however, this is only a suggested price. If shipping cost are more expensive that DKK 180 we will contact you to get acceptance of any additional charges.

Free shipping only applies to packages send to addresses in Denmark.

We accept most major credit cards. On international credit cards, a surcharge of 1,5% will be added.
If you wish to pay through a bank transfer, this can be done to the following account number:
Account number: 2255 / 4381 272 465
IBAN DK7920004381272465

Remember to put your order number on the bank transfer. When we have received the payment, the order will be sent.

We do our best to provide you with all the information of a product before you decide to buy. However, you are welcome to change your mind, and return the item. You have 30 days to return after you have received your package. We will transfer the amount back to your credit card. If you have paid for the order by bank payment – any additional cost of refunding the money to your bank, will be deducted from the money being returned.

Cost of return shipping is paid by you.

Please send us an email before returning in order to make the international return as easy as possible.

If there is anything wrong with the product that you have received, please let us know as soon as possible. There is a 2 year warranty on our products, when used proper and as directed. Any customer claims must be made to our mail – Don´t send back any items due to claims before you have contacted us. Shipping cost for items returned without agreement will not be refunded.

More questions? Don’t hesitate to contract us on either e-mail, chat or give us a phone call. or phone +45 7199 0525